About “The 7 Day Pearl”

Joseph has no worldly or educational accolades, nothing that qualifies him for writing this book. Much like most people, he is your average man walking his life out who has an encounter with Jesus.

At a young age Joseph was affected by the death of his father. Growing up in the church he didn’t understand the love of our Father God due to his broken father relationships.

At the age of 30, he experienced a real tangible love from the Lord, which transformed his life. As he started seeking the Lord and discovering his new relationship with God through Jesus, He has been changing Joseph more and more into the likeness of Jesus in transformational ways. The Father continues to cleanse and purify Joseph of his sin so He can use Joseph to encourage others to really experience who they are as He intended. This is a lifelong process that is being done by the hands of a perfect loving Heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Spirit and by the sacrifice of a perfect savior, Jesus Christ my Lord.

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