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The 7 Day Pearl

God Desires to Speak Directly to You

The Testimony of Joseph A. Gutwein-Schultz

A Special THANK YOU to Janet Schwind (Editor), Hannah Myers (Illustrator), Dr. Rod Nielsen (Foreword), and last but certainly not least – Jennifer Gutwein (my beautiful wife)


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We are asking our family and friends to join us in prayer as we seek the Father’s inspiration and provision for sharing the book. We offer the book at no cost here or for a minimum fee through Amazon. Our heart is to allow everyone an opportunity to hear and be encouraged by this message of hope found in Jesus alone.

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His Promises

Click here to read the most recent update on how the Lord led Joseph through this deep seeded Fear of Abandonment at three years old.

One day as I was taking my daily walk around a nearby pond, I was crying out to the Lord, begging him not to leave me, he reminded me of his word “I will not leave you or forsake you”. In one moment the Spirit prompted me to look to my right and as I turned toward the pond and the Father showed me a rainbow in that fountain as a reminder of his promise (as noted in our book, here is the picture I took – by the way I usually don’t have my phone with me, but this day I did). The Lord will always keep his promises to us that are written in his word and I love how he continues to reveal himself to us in such “subtle” ways, if you will. This revelation is propelling Jennifer and me into the great calling from him – the message of the Pearl Challenge.

At a young age I was affected by the death of my father. Growing up in the church I didn’t understand the love of our Father God due to my broken father relationships. At the age of 30, I experienced a real tangible love from the Lord, which transformed my life. As I started seeking the Lord and discovering my new relationship with Him through Jesus, He has been changing me more and more into the likeness of Jesus in transformational ways. The Father continues to cleanse and purify me of my sin so He can use me to encourage others to really experience who we are as He intended. This is a lifelong process that is being done by the hands of a perfect loving Heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Spirit and by the sacrifice of a perfect savior, Jesus Christ my Lord.

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