The Mission

To encourage individuals to look into the face of their Heavenly Father to seek His will and to hear His voice to know who they are in Jesus Christ and to know what He is calling them to.

the vision

To see individuals be changed by the power of Gods Holy Word and to go make disciples.

The goal

To transform the world by the power of the Gospel through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

the how

By encouraging His people to spend daily time in the Word of God so they know the will of the Father thus knowing what He is calling them to.

The hope

The Body of Christ will unit and become a movement to point others to Jesus and live the Way Jesus lives.

The Request

Please join us in prayer as we seek the Fathers Will for this ministry. The Father is calling His people to seek Him, repent and turn from our sin. He desires to speak to you, He has something to say to you.

The way

By asking individuals to take the “7 day Pearl” Challenge, to…

  1. Pray – asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you in Jesus name, as you open His word
  2. Read – 3 to 5 verses in His word, you may start in Psalm, Proverbs, John, or consider asking the Lord to direct you on where to start
  3. Listen – for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and draw near to Him as He draws near to you
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